Water jet cutting

CNC water jet cutting systems
Working area 1500 x 3000 mm The latest
multiple cutting heads ensure
consistent quality and allow for
extremely economical processing
particularly for series production parts.


The process
High-pressure water jet cutting is a
sophisticated cutting technology which will become more important in the future and offers great benefits for industry, crafts and trades, and individual prototype production.


Its advantages over traditional cutting methods:


  • different materials can be cut with just one tool.
  • Minimal contact pressure on the workpiece (since there is no direct contact with the tool).
  • Almost no induced stresses or microfissures.
  • No heat generation or heat-affected zone.
  • Eco-friendly working without toxic gases and vapours.
  • Can be efficiently used on materials up to 200 mm thick.
  • Parts accuracy of up to ± 0.04 mm is possible.
  • Engraving possible on all materials.


Optimum cutting power
The high-pressure pump compresses the water up to approximately 3800 bar. The water is directed through a sapphire nozzle and accelerated to some 1000m/sec (equivalent to approximately
3 times the speed of sound!).
This high-energy jet allows a variety
of materials to be cut with an accuracy of around
± 0.04 mm.


Using the water jet, practically any
materials can be cut.
A few examples:

  • steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze
    – up to a thickness of 80 mm
  • titanium
    – up to a thickness of 60 mm
  • all kinds of plastics, rubber, GRP
    – up to a thickness of 200 mm
  • granite, marble, stone, tile
    – up to a thickness of 100 mm
  • glass
    – up to a thickness of 80 mm
  • wood, composite and sealing materials
    – up to a thickness of 100 mm
  • Tube processing
    – up to 200mm Ø
  • and a great deal more …
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